Why do I receive an unspecified error message when I try to upload my submission?


When trying to upload a file for your submission, you receive a non-descriptive error message. 


While we are working toward bringing more clarity to our error messaging, there are multiple reasons why you may get this error. 

1. Non-specific browser issues (often experienced with Internet Explorer 11).

2. Your network may block amazonaws.com which is what Bonfire uses for data storage. 


1. Try switching browsers. While our Minimum System Requirements does include Internet Explorer 11, without all of Microsoft's current patches installed, the Bonfire experience can have some inconsistencies. We recommend trying Chrome or Firefox instead.

2. You may need to reach out to your IT team to see if Amazon AWS (amazonaws.com) is blocked on your network, if so ask your IT team to temporarily whitelist that site so your submission can go through.

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