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How do I export an itemized BidTable Order List?

Sometimes when exporting your vendors' BidTable responses, you specifically want to export a more detailed side-by-side view of the BidTable that includes vendors' responses to ALL Vendor Columns, not just one Vendor Column in particular like the Total Price.

In this case, you'll want to open up the Order List first (see How to Evaluate a Project with a BidTable page for how to get access to this). Then click on the icon of the blue box with an arrow sticking out from it, next to any line item in your BidTable:

From the section that pops up from the bottom of the page, click the Download All Items button: 

This will then yield a line-by-line summary of each item on your BidTable, including the prices that each vendor had bid for each item as well as all other information they've supplied:  

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