Why can't I (a buyer/reviewer) download the Questionnaire(s) submitted by my vendors?


Unlike other submission files, there is no option for you to download a vendor's submitted Questionnaire(s).


The Questionnaires view uses a side-by-side Scorecard view that is different from any other files. The reason for this is ease of use and the ability to filter within Question Sets, as some Questionnaires can be quite lengthy.


There are two workarounds for this:

  1. Download the entire submission by going into the Submissions section on the Project Details page, then click Actions -> Download All Files in the same row as the name of the vendor whose Questionnaire you'd like to view. You can then view the Questionnaire in the original Excel template that was filled by the vendor.
  2. For a view of all questions and answers from vendors, go into the Reports section on the Project Details page, then select the Questionnaire Responses and Scores option before clicking Download:


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