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How do I incorporate pass/fail scoring in my Questionnaire?

Currently, our Pass/Fail scoring feature is only officially available via our regular Criteria section.

However, if you'd like to use Pass/Fail scoring to your Questionnaire, you can do so using Rated Input criteria.

First click Manage next to the Criteria heading on the main Project Details page, then for your questionnaire select the _ / X pts option from the dropdown menu.

Then go into the Questionnaire itself by clicking into the Questionnaires section and clicking Actions -> Edit next to the Questionnaire. After clicking Add Question for a new question or clicking the pencil (edit) icon in the same row as an existing question, set the point total for the corresponding question(s) to 1, and instruct your evaluators to give a 0 for "fail" and a 1 for "pass".


If the pass/fail scoring is applied to a question with pre-defined Vendor Response Options (i.e., the vendor has to select an answer from a dropdown menu of options that you provide), you can apply the pass/fail score automatically. Simply check the box next to Define auto-scoring points allocation, enter in the options that the vendor can choose from, and then apply 100% of the total points to the Pass option and 0% to the Fail option:


For more information about Criteria in Questionnaires, please see our Scoring Questionnaires with Rated Input/Scale Criteria page. You can also learn more about the auto-scoring feature on our Auto-Scoring Questionnaires page.


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