Why can’t I review a project that I’ve been invited to?


If you've been invited to a project, but when you go to log in, you cannot find the project that you've been invited to, it's possible that the email address that the Project Owner invited you with does not match the email address that you signed up to Bonfire with. 

This happens frequently in organizations that use different domains for their email address. For example, "myname@gobonfireplus.com" may be an email address that you signed up with but "myname@gonbonfireplus-support.com" was the one that was invited. While emailing both would resolve to the same email inbox, one is not the other in Bonfire.

NOTE: The above domains are used for example and will not resolve to an actual domain. 

We recommend that you reach out to the Project Owner and have them invite the email address that you initially signed up with to review the account. 

Alternatively, though not recommended, you could create an account with the email address that was invited. 

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