Why do I need a password to fill out BidTables and Questionnaires?


You've downloaded a BidTable or Questionnaire and are met with the below error when you attempt to fill it out:


BidTables and Questionnaires are format locked, meaning that you can only modify certain cells. Cells with text such as headers, line items, progress bars, etc. cannot be changed, nor can text outside of the table.

This is because the Excel file that you upload into Bonfire will be loaded into a scoring module for Evaluators. In order to successfully load, all Headers/Fields in the BidTable or Questionnaire Template be an exact match. 


If you find that there is an aspect of the sheet that you'd like to change that cannot be edited (e.g., the description for a line item), please reach out to the buyer and ask them if an exception can be made (see How do I contact the Project Owner?)

Instructions and example screenshots on how to fill out BidTable Template can be found here.

Instructions and example screenshots on how to fill out a Questionnaire Template can be found here.

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