Persistent Columns (Locking Your Column Views)

When working in the Bonfire platform with Projects, Vendors, or Contracts, you'll notice the ability to Show or Hide different columns to customize your own user view. You'll be able to set up your own custom user view without affecting anyone else by choosing only your desired columns.

Below are screenshots related to the three different views (Project TabVendor Tab, and the Contracts Tab).

Project Tab:


Vendor Tab:


Contracts Tab:


As you can see, the Show/Hide button will open up a tab with different columns that you can display, allowing each individual to configure a custom-view based on their specifications. Note that the view for Projects is different than for Vendors and Contracts



The above screenshots represent the Projects view for choosing which columns to display. As you can see, in this instance the Status, Project, Department, Owner, and Submissions columns are selected and subsequently displayed in the main Project view. Once you've selected which columns you'd like to display, this will persist even after navigating away and coming back, or logging out and logging back in.


The above screenshot represents the Contracts view (same as the Vendors view) for choosing which columns to display. In this instance, the Status, Contract, Link, Department, Vendor, Value, Start Date, and End Date columns are selected and also displayed in the main Contracts view. Just like with the Projects view, the view you select will persist even after navigating away or logging out.

That's everything you need to know about persistent column views!

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