What happens when Criteria types are changed after Reviewers have scored?

If your Criteria are changed after a Reviewer has scored their assigned Criteria, the Reviewer may need to re-enter their scores.  

Changing Rated Input to a different Rated Input Scale Criteria

If your criteria were originally in a 0-5, 1-5-10, or 0-10 scale and you need to change the scale, you can do so and the input scores will automatically adjust to compensate. However, please instruct your Reviewers to check their scoring for accuracy.

Changing Rated Input to Rated Scale Criteria

If your Criteria scoring requirements were originally Input _/X pts then scored, and changed to Rated Scale you will need the Reviewers to re-enter their scores. 

Changing Rated Scale to Rated Input Criteria

If your Criteria scoring requirements were originally Rated Scale then scored, and changed to Input _/X pts the score will automatically adjust to the correct scale. You may want to instruct your Reviewers to double-check their scores to ensure they're comfortable with the translation. 

NOTE: Pricing and Pass/Fail Criteria Types cannot be switched. Click here for more information on Criteria Types.

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