What is the difference between the Response Column and the Comment Column in Questionnaires?

Questionnaires contain 2 different columns for vendors to provide their answers. These columns are the Response Column and the Comment Column. 

Response Column

The purpose of the Response column is for multiple choice questions, you will be able to select the best answer from a drop-down menu that was provided by the Project Owner. When you click a cell in the Response column, you will see a small arrow (seen in the screenshot below) that when clicked will reveal the drop-down menu with the options populated by the Project Owner for you to select from. 

Sometimes, Response Columns will have a hyphen or dash ("-"). This means that a drop-down menu is not provided, in these cases leaving the cell as is will satisfy the requirements.

Comment Column

The Comment column is where you may be requested to provide more detail or an explanation; this is a text-based answer you would type in. 

Depending on how the question is formatted, the Comment cell might be either Required or Optional:

When the Response Column shows a hyphen or dash, you will need to provide a freeform response in the Comment Column. The Comment column has a limit of 32,767 characters per cell.

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