Why can't my Reviewers score the Questionnaire even though I assigned points under Criteria?


You assigned Points to each Questionnaire Subset under Criteria, however, your evaluators say they are not able to score the questions. They are only able to score the Questionnaire as a whole but not individual questions. 


You have set up the Questionnaire as Info-Only instead of giving scores to the questions. Doing this will make evaluators give one score for the entire Questionnaire.


If you want each question to be scoreable, you can assign points to each one by editing your Questionnaire. To do so:

1. Go into the Questionnaire and press Edit:


2. Once you are in the questionnaire, select the questions you would like to make scoreable and select Bulk Edit Questions:

3. You can then set points for each Question by selecting Change Points and assigning the points you would like to give per question:

Once you save the changes, your reviewers will now be able to score each question. 

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