How do I cancel my Project?

Bonfire has introduced the Cancelled Projects label, allowing you to quickly and easily communicate project information to vendors. When a project's status has changed, Bonfire will display critical information to your vendors, helping ensure a streamlined workflow for all users.

How do I Cancel a Project?

When cancelling a project, first navigate to the project you need to cancel. Once you've selected the project, click Actions, then Cancel Project.


You will then see a popup appear confirming your intent to cancel the Project. A reason is required for each project cancellation. When ready, click Cancel Project.


After you click Cancel Project, you'll see one final confirmation popup asking Are you sure you want to cancel this project? Click OK if you are sure you wish to cancel the project.

The page will reload, and you'll see your project marked as Cancelled.


Once your Project has been cancelled, you will see the above status labels and indicators. 

NOTE: Bonfire does not automatically communicate project changes to Vendors. To advise Vendors the Project has been cancelled, please issue a Public Notice.


What Happens to Cancelled Projects?

When a Project is cancelled, the project itself will still be accessible by anyone who previously had access to it, such as the project owner and evaluators. However, the project will have reduced functionality to reflect its new Cancelled status.

In Cancelled projects,

  • Criteria cannot be modified
  • Users cannot view or download proposal documents or data
  • Evaluators can no longer enter or update their scores
  • Project owners cannot update evaluator scores or consensus scores

The Project itself will remain on your Project Dashboard.


What Do Vendors See and What Happens to Vendor Submissions?

Once a Project has been cancelled, all project details are preserved, but are no longer editable. When a Vendor accesses the Opportunity page for the project, they will see all of the project's previous information, as well as a label indicating the project has been cancelled.




If a Vendor was in the process of completing a Submission but had not yet Submitted, they will see this when returning to the Project Details page in order to complete their Submission.


Vendors are unable to complete Submissions for any Project that has been cancelled. If a Vendor has completed a Submission prior to the Project's cancellation, they will see the following notice when viewing their Submission Confirmation under indicated in How do I find my submission confirmation?




Can I Undo a Project Cancellation?

If you have completed a Project Cancellation in error, you can easily undo the cancellation and return the project to its previous state.

Start by navigating the cancelled project. You'll automatically load into the project's Details page, which contains the Actions button. Click Actions -> Resume Project.


Once you click Resume Project, a popup window will appear. You can input your reasoning or any notes here.


When ready, click Resume Project.

Your Project page will automatically reload, and you'll see your Project restored to its previous state.


All of your Project's details, settings and information will be returned to its previous state. After a Project has been resumed, we recommend reviewing the project to ensure all project settings and key data are accurate and up-to-date, particularly if it had been some time since the project was canceled.


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