Can I delete a vendor's Invite to a project?

Vendor Invites to a project are sent once a project is in the Open stage. Because invites are sent via email, it is impossible to rescind the invite due to the nature of email being delivered to the vendor's inbox immediately after the project is opened.

Once a Vendor is invited to a project, it's possible to remove the Vendor from the Invite Vendors tab under the Vendor Invites section, however depending on your project's visibility and the vendor's progress, the effects may vary:

For Public Projects, there is no effect; deleting the invite will not change the vendor's access to the project, and the vendor will continue to receive Public Notices for the life of the project.

For Private Projects, there is no effect as the vendor's access depends on whether they have the project's private link or not (please note that Invites do not include the private link unless it is manually added into to the body of the message).

For Invite Only Projects, the vendor's access depends on if they have accessed the project before they were removed or not. If the vendor did not start their submission before they were deleted (including if they downloaded any of the project files), they will lose their access completely and attempting to load the opportunity page will redirect back to the main purchasing portal page.

If the vendor started a submission before they were deleted, they will retain access to the opportunity page and their submission.

If you would like to delete a vendor's Invite, you can do so via the following instructions:

1. On the Vendor Invites page, navigate to the Invite Vendors tab.

2. In the same row as the vendor whose Invite you wish to delete, click Actions -> Delete.


3. A dialog box will pop up asking you to confirm the deletion. Click OK. When the page refreshes, the vendor will no longer be listed under the Invite Vendors tab.

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