How do I access an opportunity that my colleague can view?

If the Project that your colleague has access to is Public, and it shows up under the Open Public Opportunities tab on the organization's Bonfire portal, then you will also have access to that Project through your Bonfire account. 

If the project is Invite Only and your colleague received an email with the subject line "[Organization] has invited you to submit on their _________ opportunity", you will need an invitation from the Project Owner directly in order to access the Project. 

If the Project is marked as Private and does not show up on the portal at all or in your colleague's email inbox with the above subject line, you will need to obtain the Private link granted and sent by the Project Owner. Please note that anyone with the Private Link to a Project can access it.

NOTE: Bonfire Support does not have the authority to add you to Invite Only Projects or to share the Project's Private Link with you. If you require access to an opportunity that you currently do not have access to, you will need to reach out to the Project Owner or bid administrator.

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