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How do I see projects that I've started to submit to and projects I've submitted to in the past?

As a Vendor, if you are looking to view projects that are currently submitting to, projects that you've submitted to in the past, or projects that you've started but missed submitted to you may do so by following the guide below: 

1) Navigate to the Organization Portal that you've begun submitting to or have submitted to.

2) Once you have logged in, navigate to the Submissions tab at the top of the page. 


From here, as seen in the screenshot above, you will be presented with 3 tabs that include all of the Submissions you've started submissions for, including Work-in-progress, Completed, and Missed. The Missed tab includes all of the projects that you've started a submission for that are no longer open, but that you did not successfully submit to. 

3) Next, for the submission you would like to view, select Actions, then View.  


If the project is still Work-in-Progress, and you've not completed your submission, you will be taken to Step 1: Provide Submission Information. (See Creating and Uploading a Submission for more information on how to complete your submission).

If the project is Completed, you'll be taken to your submission receipt. (See Can I revise my submission after I've completed my submission? if the project is still open and you would like to revise your submission.)

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