How do I enable or disable a User Account?

If your Bonfire account has the System Administrator role, then you can manually disable any of your internal users' Bonfire accounts. Likewise you can also re-enable any internal users' accounts and grant access to Bonfire.

NOTE: If your account does not have the System Administrator role, please contact your organization administrator as only they have the authorization to re-enable your account via the steps below.

After logging in, select the Manage option at the top menu bar and select the Users section:




Click Users to expand that section, then in the same row as the user whose access you'd like to edit, select the dropdown menu under the Account Access column. You can then choose either Enable or Disable:


A confirmation popup will appear. If the user whose access you're editing is a reviewer, any in-progress evaluations will be displayed. You can click Continue to proceed with the change in account access or Cancel to go back without applying any changes.


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