How can I view/edit all vendors in a particular Vendor List?

If there is a particular Vendor List that you'd like to view or make changes to, you can do so via the Filter function in the Vendor Records table.

1. In the Vendor Lists column heading, click the funnel icon. A smaller menu will pop up with all your Vendor Lists listed. 

2. By default, everything will be checked off. Uncheck the box next to the (Select All) option and then check the box next to the list(s) you'd like to currently view/edit.

3. This will cause only vendors on that list(s) to appear in the table. ​​You can then click the funnel icon above the search box to temporarily hide the pop up, and then use the checkboxes on the left side of the table (next to the Vendor Name) to select which vendors you'd like to bulk edit/remove, and then use the Actions dropdown to apply the desired action en masse: 

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