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How do I delete an item from a BidTable?

Depends on the Stage of your Project, you will have different ways to edit your BidTable:

  1. Pending Stage
  2. Open Stage
  3. Evaluation Stage

Pending Stage

The simplest way to edit a BidTable is to do so before the Project goes live in the Portal. To delete an item from the BidTable, simply select the item(s) you wish to remove, and then click on the trashcan (delete) icon:

Open Stage

Bonfire strongly encourages buyers to not make any changes to a BidTable once the Project is in the Open stage. This is to avoid any future submission issues this might cause. Instead, we recommend simply advising vendors about any items that will no longer be considered with a Public Notice (see Creating a Public Notice), and leaving the BidTable setup as is. This way vendors will be aware of the changes, and you will have all changes tracked for future reference. 

Evaluation Stage

If changes were not made before the Project went live, the best workaround would be to make these changes once the Project is closed. Once you have advised vendors about these changes via a Public Notice, you will be able to delete items that you will no longer consider via the Order List. 

To do so, from the Project Details page go to the Submissions section, choose any submission's Scorecard (it will open the same Order List regardless), and then click Score Order List:

Once you get the Order List, you will be able to delete the item(s) by selecting the item(s) accordingly and then clicking Bulk Actions -> Eliminate Items:

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