How do I change the order of my Baskets for a BidTable?

To change a BidTable Basket Name, first select Actions -> Edit from the BidTables section of the Project Details page:


This will take you into the BidTable. Select Edit Baskets from the Actions drop-down:


This will open up a menu with all of your Baskets. In the Edit Baskets window double click the basket number in the column. That BidTable Basket will reassign the order accordingly. Press Enter on your keyboard or click on another box to save the changes.


When you are done, click Hide at the bottom to return to the previous menu. 

NOTE: Editing a BidTable template while the project is in the Open stage will invalidate any templates previously downloaded by your Vendors. If you need to make any edits during the Open stage, it is strongly recommended that you issue a Public Notice letting your vendors know that they need to download the newest template.

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