How do I set up a pass/fail requirement?

If you have mandatory requirements that you'd like to screen for on your project, you can set this up to be filled out by vendors on their submission page.

On your project, go to Requested Information and click Manage. In the pop-up follow these steps:

1. Click the Add Requested Data button at the bottom, which will create a new Requested Data field.

2. The automatic field type defaults to Number; click on the dropdown to select either True/False or Yes/No.

2a. By default, the requested Data Field is set to Required; un-check it if necessary. You can also map it to an appropriate Evaluation Group.

3. Click the Save button in the top right corner.



If you're interested in setting up pass/fail criteria within a questionnaire, please refer to our How do I incorporate pass/fail scoring in my Questionnaire? page. 

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