Past Public Opportunities

Past Public Opportunities allows Vendors to view projects that were previously live on your organization's purchasing portal. With this feature enabled, you will see an additional tab on your portal titled Past Public Opportunities. Public projects that have since closed will be visible here. All Private Projects and/or Invite-Only Projects will remain hidden from view.

Vendors can view the project details by clicking on View Opportunity. Each project will have a status label. The labels indicates if the project is Closed, Cancelled, or Awarded.


Vendors can click into any project to check on the award notice without logging in to Bonfire. If you use the Public Award Notice feature, vendors will find it under Award Notices. To view the Public Award statement, a Vendor can click on the View Award button:


NOTE: When a Vendor is marked as "Awarded", the Vendor is NOT automatically notified of the award. If you'd like to notify the Vendors (either the Awarded Vendor and the other Vendors that participated in the opportunity), then we recommend either making a Public Notice or issuing a direct message via the Vendor Discussions function.

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