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Can I adjust the Points on a Questionnaire after it's posted?

If you are looking to adjust the points on a Questionnaire after posting it while your Project is Open, you may get the following warning message if Vendors have already started or completed their submission:

You are changing a Questionnaire for an Open Project and there are in-progress or completed submissions. You may make changes, however, this may change the Vendor Response Template. If you add or change a Question, Question Set or Subset, Vendor Response Options, Response Option Comment Requirements, or the Title or Description of the Questionnaire then you will invalidate at least "X" Vendor Response Templates. Changing the Points or Description associated with a Question, the Auto-scoring, or Order of a Question will not invalidate existing templates. 


Although the Points are not seen by your Vendors in their Vendor Response Template, they are still hidden and embedded in the template so that they can be exported with the questions when your evaluators are ready to score the Questionnaire. Therefore changing the Points will still affect the template accepted by Bonfire. This warning message lets you know that at least one Vendor has downloaded the Questionnaire template and might not have the up-to-date Questionnaire template if changes are made to it.

If the Points must be changed, a best practice in this scenario would be to post a Public Notice informing Users of the changes made to the Questionnaire. For more on how to post a Public Notice, click here



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