How do I upload my vendor documents during registration?

Some purchasing organizations require that certain documents, such as certifications, be uploaded to your vendor record on Bonfire before you can bid on opportunities. 

If a buyer has requested that you upload any documents to your vendor record, or for the specific vendor type you selected, Step 3: Documentation will be available during the registration process.

NOTE: If you are trying to add these documents to your vendor record outside of the registration screen, please see our How do I add/modify the documents I've uploaded to my vendor profile after registration? page.

You will be presented with any Documentation the buyer requires you to upload. Buyers can also attach a template to the requested Documentation. Click on the download icon to retrieve the template. Select the upload file button to insert the appropriate documentation into the desired slot:


You will be prompted to choose the file you wish to upload as well as select an expiration date if required by the organization. As a vendor, you will receive notifications when a requested document is expiring or has expired.


Once the file has been uploaded, the red status button will turn green and you will be able to move forward to add your Commodity Codes. 


NOTE: If you need to update an expired document please check out our article: How do I add/modify/delete the documents I've uploaded to my vendor profile after registration?


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