How do I unseal my documents?

There are two methods to unseal documents:

  1. By releasing the documents to Reviewers
  2. Through the Unseal button in the Requested Information section

Any Sealed Documents residing in an Evaluation Group are automatically unsealed when the Evaluation Group is released to Reviewers. This is akin to starting the Pricing Evaluation in a 2-envelope project, where the pricing envelope is unsealed as the Pricing Evaluation stage begins.


If the Project Owner, for whatever reason, wishes to unseal a document WITHOUT releasing it for evaluation, they can do so by scrolling to the document under navigating to the Requested Information section, and then clicking the Unseal button under the Seal status column for that document:


Once a document is unsealed (regardless of whichever method is used), the time/date stamp, as well as the person who unsealed the document, are recorded and displayed under the Requested Information section as shown below.



  • Unsealing a document CANNOT be reversed. You will not be able to re-seal a document that has been unsealed.
  • Prior to releasing an Evaluation Group, please make sure to double-check that all documents residing under the group can be unsealed.
  • Documents cannot be bulk unsealed.

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