Why don't I see part of a vendor's response when I download their submission?

If you have used Data Fields or Slots as part of your Requested Information, these will not show up in your Vendor's submission files when using Download All Files. Data Fields/Slots require Vendors to populate responses as Text, Numbers, Yes/No, and/or True/False directly in Bonfire in lieu of uploading an actual file. Therefore, those responses will now show up when downloading the Vendor's submission files. 

To access your Vendors' responses for Data Fields/Slots, navigate to the Submissions page via the left navigation pane. Click on the Documents/Data drop-down menu for the applicable Vendor, then click Submission Data


This will open each Vendor's responses for the Data Fields/Slots. You can export a copy of this data via the download button. This will export the data into an Excel (.xlsx) file.


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