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Why don't I see part of a vendor's response when I download their submission?


You've downloaded a vendor's submission using Actions -> Download All Files, but when you open up the folder with the submission files on your computer, some of the vendor's answers are missing.


The missing answers may have been submitted as part of a Requested Data slot. Because Requested Data slots have the vendor write out their response as text on Bonfire, as opposed to uploading an actual file, there is nothing to download.


You can manually add the Requested Data submissions by downloading a table with all of the vendors' responses. To download this table:

1. Go to Submissions and click the dropdown menu for ANY vendor under the Documents/Data column.

2. Click Submission Data.


3. A new page will open with the data. Click the download icon next to the search bar in the top right corner. The table will be exported as an Excel sheet.




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