How do I make a BidTable or Questionnaire available to my vendors?

Once you've finished setting up your BidTable or Questionnaire, you must map it to a Requested Information slot in order to request it from your Vendors. To do this:

1. Scroll down to the Requested Information section and click Manage.
2. In the Manage Requested Information window, there will be a row of buttons at the bottom for various types of Requested Information. Click either Requested BidTable or Requested Questionnaire depending on which one you have set up for your project.
3. A dropdown menu will appear with all of your BidTables and/or Questionnaires. Select the one you'd like to request from your vendors.
4. Repeat if necessary, then click the Save button in the top-right corner when done.


This will also change the status of the Requested From Vendors column under the Questionnaires or BidTables section on your Project Details page. The column will change from "NO" to "YES" if the Questionnaire/BidTable has been added to Requested Information successfully.


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