Quick Guide to Commodity Codes for Vendors

What are Commodity Codes?

Commodity Codes are a standard set of codes related to the products and services provided by Vendors.

How are Commodity Codes used in Bonfire?

When you attach Commodity Codes to your profile, you are telling Bonfire's Commodity Code Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine which products and services you provide. When a Project Owner attaches corresponding Commodity Codes to their Project, our system will generate an email (known as an Opportunity Notification) for you, to notify you that your services may be applicable to that project. 

Why is this beneficial?

When you've set up your Commodity Codes, you will receive notifications of projects matching your services without you having to search for the opportunities individually. These emails will provide you with the names of the opportunities and link you directly to the Project Details page. 

How do I get started? 

If you're not registered, you'll need to navigate to a Bonfire Portal and complete your Vendor Registration.

Please note that the Commodity Codes setup is included as part of the Vendor Registration process, but you can make updates at any time.

If you've already set up your Account but would like to modify your Commodity Codes, please see the following instructions: How do I add or delete Commodity Codes on my Vendor Record?

You also have the option to set up your Service Region(s); this will ensure that Bonfire will only send you Opportunity Notifications based on the State, Province, or Territory that you do business in. Our article on How do I receive bid notifications only in my area/region? will guide you through doing so.

What kind of Commodity Codes does Bonfire use?

Currently, Bonfire supports the following commodity code sets:

Please note that Commodity Codes Types are set on a per-portal basis based on the Organization's needs. You will not need to set your codes on every portal you log into as that information is attached to your Global Vendor Record. 

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