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How do I release my Evaluation Groups?

Once your project reaches the Evaluating stage and you're ready for your reviewers to begin scoring, you can Release the Evaluation Groups through the following steps:

1. On the Project Details page, scroll down and click on the Evaluation Groups section to expand it.
2. Under each evaluation group, there should be a banner. For withheld groups, the banner will be orange and will include a Release button. Click the button.
3. A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm, click OK.
4. Repeat for all of the Evaluation Groups you'd like to release.


You can release as many or as little Evaluation Groups at the same time.

NOTE: If you find that you can only release one Evaluation Group at a time, you may have set your project to be run using Best Value standards. You can turn this setting off by clicking Actions -> Edit Schedule, and then unchecking the box next to Best Value.

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