How can I see who received an Invite to a Project?

With Vendor Invites, you can report on when vendors were invited to your Invite Only or Private projects, or even your public projects!

Navigate to Vendor Invites, then click on the Invite Vendors tab. You'll see a list of invited vendors. You will also see some additional buttons: Show/Hide and Download, represented by an arrow.


Click Show/Hide to toggle viewability for the Email Address, Date Invited, or Action columns.


You can choose to view or remove any of these columns just by clicking on the relevant button. You can also filter vendors by keyword - just type it into the Search field.

Once you are ready, you can generate your Report!


Your Report will align with the filtering options you selected prior to clicking Download. If you need to make any edits or changes to your Report, you can go back, change your filter/view options, and generate a new Report.

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