How do I rotate documents in the Document Viewer?

If a file in the Document Viewer appears to be incorrectly oriented, you can rotate the document from within the Document Viewer itself.

NOTE: Bonfire's Document Viewer is only meant to provide a preview of the submission files, and as such may not be a true representation of the document originally uploaded by the vendor. We therefore recommend downloading the file to your computer and viewing the original, especially if a file in the viewer appears blank, garbled, or formatted incorrectly, or if there seem to be missing elements from the Document Viewer's version of the file.

To reorient the file, navigate to the file on Bonfire and open it in the Document Viewer, then click on the Tools button. A menu with available options will appear, including Rotate Clockwise and Rotate Counterclockwise:



Once you have selected the correct option, the document will rotate and save in the new orientation.



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