How do I find out about Bid Meetings and other special events?

Bid meetings and other special events can be listed by Project Owners in a number of ways, most notably within the RFP/Project documents themselves (see our How do I find the Documents for the Opportunity? page for more info on this). However, Project Owners also have the option of using the Custom Events feature to list special Project dates and events on the opportunity page itself.

If the Project Owner has listed Bid Meetings and other special events on the opportunity page, you can find steps on how to view that information on our How do I find the schedule for a Project? page. Otherwise, please check through the available project documents or contact the Project Owner for more specific information.

NOTE: If you are a buyer interested in adding Bid Meetings to your schedule on Bonfire, please see our Setting Up Custom Events and the Vendor's Perspective page.

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