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Why are the images in this article broken?

If the support article you are viewing is displaying a broken image link or not loading the image correctly, continue reading this article for different ways to fix this.

A "broken image" on Google Chrome appears as an image of a pixelated piece of paper with an image on it, and for Firefox, it appears as a plain piece of paper with a tear in the middle.

The two icons are shown respectively: 

blobid0.jpg   Image result for firefox broken image icon

This error could occur as a result of a variety of issues;

  1. Some extensions could be preventing certain images from loading correctly, or not at all;
  2. Certain permissions may also prevent images from loading;
  3. The cache on Google Chrome may be full, and needs to be cleared;
  4. An issue on our end!
    • The image doesn't exist on our server anymore;
    • The filename was entered incorrectly to an article.

Regardless, here are some step-by-step instructions to ensure that our articles can provide you with the best help possible.

How to Fix a Broken Image (Chrome):

  1. Check the Browser Extensions
  2. Check Server Permissions
  3. Clear your Cache

Check the Browser Extensions -

Browser Extensions can sometimes interfere with how you interact with a webpage and the attachments within them. Included are some step-by-step instructions on an attempt of how you could resolve this issue;




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