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Which domains and email addresses should be whitelisted in order to access Bonfire from my secure institution?

Depending on how tight your network's security settings are, you may receive a message stating that your firewall has blocked access to Bonfire.

As long as you've whitelisted Bonfire's domains (*** in the US or *** in Canada), Amazon/AWS (, and our ticketing system Zendesk (, you should be able to access all of Bonfire without any interference.

NOTE: As we do not have a central procurement portal, the wildcard domains above (*** and *** will be the best web addresses to whitelist in order to ensure complete access to all of Bonfire's purchasing organizations.

We also suggest whitelisting the following email addresses: and This will ensure that you receive both responses to support tickets as well as critical system-generated emails (i.e., account confirmations, submission receipts, etc.)

Bonfire Support Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm EST