How to Set up Criteria for Scoring

As part of your project setup, you will need to map Criteria to your Evaluation Groups so that your Reviewers will have visibility on their Scorecards. To do this:

1. Navigate to the Criteria section and click Manage:


2. In the Manage Criteria modal that pops up, you'll be greeted with the ability to Add Criteria. There are three different Criteria Types you can use for scoring. Clicking on a Criteria Type will add a blank Criteria of that type to your project.

If you have several Criteria that you would like to consider together, or if you have Criteria that is scored differently from how it is weighted, you can add Criteria Groups.


If your project has lots of Criteria, you can also import Criteria from an Excel spreadsheet.

Once you've set up your Criteria, you may assign each criterion to an Evaluation Group using the column on the right-most side of the screen:


You can also reorder Criteria once it's been added. Simply click the 3-bar icon to the left of the Criteria name, and click and drag to the new desired location:


You can reorder a single Criterion within a Criteria group or you can reorder whole Criteria groups to change the order of scoring requirements.

To delete any specific Criteria click on the delete trash bin icon for the desired Criteria you wish to delete. Please note that if you delete a Criteria Group you will subsequently delete all associated Criteria within the group as well. Additionally, once you delete Criteria you cannot undo it.


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