What are Protected Projects and how do they work?

What Are Protected Projects?

Protected projects are intended for use with very sensitive or confidential projects where other members of an organization either do not have the required security clearance or otherwise should not be made aware of a project.

Protected Projects are a specific Project type wherein project details are hidden from Organization Members that are not directly involved in the project but would normally have the necessary permissions to see the projects details (Organization Administrators, Department Managers, Project Managers). These users have the ability to unlock and view project details if required, but the Project Owner will be notified if they do so.

How to Use Protected Projects

To create a Protected project, first ensure that you have the Protected Project feature enabled. If you do not or if you are not sure, please contact your Client Success Manager or support@gobonfire.com for assistance.

Once the feature is enabled, you can use it on individual projects by marking them as Protected. You can mark it as Protected when you are creating a new project or editing an existing project. 


This feature is determined on a project-by-project basis, and turning on this feature will not retroactively affect any of your projects. 

To learn more about project setup, please visit Creating a Project in Bonfire.

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