How do I map a BidTable as Requested Information?

Once you have created your BidTable we need to map (assign) it as Requested Information. From the Project Detail's page, go to the Requested Information section. Click on Manage to edit the Requested Information slots.


Once in the Manage Requested Information modal, click on Requested BidTable adjacent to the Add section. Select which BidTable you would like to map. 


Once you have added the BidTable, the box under Required will be checked by default. You can un-check this box if the BidTable is optional to Vendors. You can also assign the BidTable to Evaluation Groups under the Visible Evaluation Groups column.

Click Save once you have finalized these details. Cursor_and_Paper_Products_Rebid.png

You will now see that the BidTable is listed under the Requested Information section.


For more information on creating a BidTable template, please click here. 

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