How do I merge vendor records?

Vendor records consist of information about every vendor that is registered with your Bonfire portal. There are two types of vendor records:

1. External records are created by vendors that have signed up themselves. They undergo a full account registration and confirmation process (for a full preview of this process, please review our Vendor Registration article).

2. Internal records are manually inputted into the system by you the buyer, or another internal user that is part of your organization. These can include previously imported vendor records from another system, and records that are created when making Internal Submissions on behalf of a vendor.

Sometimes you may notice that you have duplicate vendor records -- for example, when you make an Internal Submission on behalf of a vendor that has already registered with your portal. In this case, you can consolidate the two records into one using Bonfire's Merge Vendors feature.

NOTE: Merging can only be done between two Internal records, or one Internal and one External record.

In order to merge records together:

1. On the Vendors Dashboard under the Vendor Records section, check off the two corresponding records:


2. Click Actions in the top-right area above the table, then select Merge Vendors:


From there, the Merge Vendors modal will come up. The left and right columns will display the current information associated with each record you've chosen, while the middle column will show what information will be applied to the merged record and can be edited.

Once verifying that the correct details will be added to the merged record, click the Merge button:


Once merged, your record will appear in the list of Vendor records as one entity:


For further information on how to better manage vendor records, please see our Vendor Management guide.

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