Evaluating a BidTable with Additional Responses

In order to evaluate your BidTable and all vendors' responses, you must first create an Order List.

Additional Responses are useful for if you'd like to consider a similar bid from a vendor for a particular item. The additional response can differ in terms of price, brand, colour, and/or any other Vendor Column you've set up.

Once the Order List has been created, you can tell whether a vendor has submitted an Additional Response for an item if there is an icon of two squares to the left of the price:


In order to view the Additional Response, you can take the following steps:

1. Click the fourth right-most icon under the vendor's name, which will reveal all of that vendor's responses:


2. A new section will appear at the bottom of the page. You should see both the Primary Response as well as the Additional Response (denoted by the same two-square icon) show up with the same line item number:


3. If you would like the Additional Response to be considered instead of the Primary Response, and therefore have it appear in the overall BidTable view, you can activate the new response by clicking on the upward arrow under the Actions column:


4.  A dialog box will then pop up to confirm:

Once you click OK, the Additional Response will now become active and appear as the Primary Response.

NOTE: Please note that this change only applies to the current reviewer's Order List. If multiple reviewers are assigned to evaluate the BidTable, then the Additional Response will have to be changed to the Primary Response for each Order List. The Project Owner can make this change on behalf of all reviewers as long as they've already created their Order List (see our How to Evaluate a Project with a BidTable page).

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