Proposal Analysis

Proposal Analysis (formerly Submission Scores) is an entirely new feature in Bonfire that uses holistic data visualizations to help Procurement Professionals make better decisions. By clearly being able to see critical comparison points between Vendors, Purchasing Organizations can more easily:

  • quickly focus discussions with evaluators during consensus meetings ;
  • better position negotiations with vendors;
  • provide more thorough feedback during vendor debriefs; and
  • more easily demonstrate your analysis in internal reports.

How Do I Use Proposal Analysis?

Proposal Analysis is built around what we call Criteria Segments. These segments form the basis of comparisons used to develop the analysis itself. 

A Criteria Segment can be any of the following:

  • A criterion that is not in a criteria group;
  • A criteria group; or
  • A question-set in a questionnaire.

Criteria Segments provide you with the right balance of overview and detail, to understand where a proposal performed well, and where it performed poorly. 

By default, the six highest weighted Criteria Segments are charted, viewable as any of the available charts and displayed initially in Pie Chart format. However, you can choose which Criteria Segments are displayed by selecting it from the Criteria Segment Checklist, shown below:


Navigating Proposal Analysis

To navigate to the Proposal Analysis screen, first go to your Project Details page, then scroll down to Scoring. You will be brought into the Scoring Summary page and from here, click on any Proposal Score or the 'View Proposal Analysis' button to launch the Proposal Analysis:


Once you have clicked on a score, you will be brought to the Proposal Analysis screen, which looks as follows:


At a glance, Procurement Professionals will be able to see an overview of the selected Proposal, including immediate visual interpretation of the Criteria Segments. Evaluators can choose the vendor they wish to view next from a clearly-displayed list, instead of having to select Previous / Next as previously required.


You can scroll down to access the Scoring Summary section:




This an overview of the selected Vendor's scores, along with a list of Reviewers. When Consensus Scoring is being used, you can overview the scores and make changes from this section as required within the Scorecard column using the Edit button.


Criteria Comparison Charts

Criteria Comparison Charts provide an overview of performance in each criteria segment, and allow Buyers to quickly and at a glance compare critical aspects of each proposal. By default, Pie Chart is the selected view. However, there are three available Charting methods:

  • Pie
  • Bar
  • Table

Hovering over a charted Criteria Segment further identifies and breaks down the comparison points. In this example, the Proposal Criteria Segment has a total possible point value of 35 points, and the displayed legend shows this specific vendor's points in comparison to the highest possible point value and to the average points awarded to all vendors.


This information is displayed in the same way across Charting types; the same information is displayed as follows for the Bar Graph type.


However, as the Table Chart already displays numbered information, this is what this same data would look like under that specific display type.


When a proposal has not yet been scored, we display an empty graph.


Eliminated Proposals

Previously, eliminated Proposals were not accessible in the same way as active proposals. Now, Eliminated Proposals can be viewed and weighted against active submissions.

Note: For criteria that is relatively scored (instead of objectively scored), we do not show the Eliminated Vendor score as this would result in inaccurate scoring comparisons between Eliminated and Non-eliminated Proposals.

In the Proposal Analysis tool, Eliminated Vendors are shown as follows:



Criteria Analysis

Criteria Analysis provides a high-level overview of Reviewers/Evaluators and scoring. To find out more, check out Criteria Analysis

Notes and Further Reading

Proposal Analysis is a feature that can be enabled at the Organizational Administrator's request. If you aren't sure if you have this feature active, please reach out to your Client Success Manager or

If you prefer the previous view, you can also toggle the project to display your previous setting. This ability will be temporary as we move forward in our design language.

Note: Proposal Analysis is only available to Project Managers on this project.

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