Exploring the Premium Vendor Portal

In this article, we'll provide an overview of features available via the new Premium Vendor Support Portal. For information on how to register as a Premium Vendor, please check out How do I Register for Premium Vendor Support?

Logging In

You can log into the Premium Vendor Portal at https://vendor.bonfirehub.com.


Once you have logged in, you'll be directed to your main Recommend Opportunities page, as shown:


From here, you have several options for how you would like to view your Opportunities! You can search for any keyword or organization name or by location down to the provincial/state level. You can also combine these two search parameters for more specific results (e.g., searching "facilities" when selecting only New York will only return opportunities related to facilities taking place in New York).


You can also choose to Follow opportunities, as shown below:


What Happens When I Follow an Opportunity?

Following an opportunity on your Premium Vendor portal is a great way to be notified of project updates! Once you follow an opportunity, you will automatically receive email notifications regarding Public Notices, Addenda, or important project dates and deadlines. You will also be able to view a list of all Opportunities you have Followed by clicking the Following section, as shown below.


Can I Unfollow an Opportunity?

Yes! To Unfollow an opportunity, simply click the Unfollow button for the opportunity.


However, we recommend that all vendors only Follow opportunities that they wish to receive all notifications and updates for. 

Viewing Open Public Opportunities

To view Open Public Opportunities, simply click on the All link:


From this screen, you can also choose to Follow opportunities of interest.

Changing Your Settings

You can change your settings by navigating to the Settings page, as shown:


Under Account Settings, you will be able to change all of the information you originally provided during registration. Use the sidebar on the left-hand side to navigate.


For more information, on updating your account settings to receive more relevant opportunities check out our Keywords article. 

For more information on Premium Vendor check out our main page Bonfire Premium. 

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