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How do I fill out an Online BidTable?

As part of our new Inline BidTables offering, Vendors are able to complete and submit BidTables directly from the Submissions page, without having to download or complete a Microsoft Excel template. This streamlines the BidTable Submission process for Vendors, making it easier than ever to complete your Bonfire Submission!

NOTE: If you are being asked to download XLSX template, the Project Owner for your project has chosen to use Classic BidTables. Please read our How do I fill out a BidTable? article to learn more!

Once you have logged into Bonfire and have selected an Opportunity that uses the Online Submissions format, you'll be notified by the descriptor text in associated with that BidTable. Here's what that would look like:


To complete the BidTable, scroll down to Submissions and click Prepare Your Submission.


Once you have clicked Prepare Your Submission, you will be brought to the Submissions page. On this page, you can upload any required documents, as well as complete the Online BidTable. Once the BidTable has loaded, it will look similar to the following:


Please note that in some cases, there may be a horizontal scroll bar. This indicates that there is additional information to the right that needs to be completed as well.

When starting to complete your BidTable, begin with deciding if you will Bid or No Bid on the indicated line item. If you do not see this specific option, then the Project Owner has not enabled it and intends for Vendors to bid on all line items.

Complete your selections. For line items that have been selected as "No Bid," all text fields for that line item will be greyed out as shown below:


Scroll to the right to see additional BidTable fields that may be required. When clicking on a Text field, you'll see a window pop open, allowing you more space for your responses. 


Once you have clicked away from the popped-open text field, your response will automatically save and minimize. 

If you need to change the width of the Item column in order to view the full text, you can do so by hovering over the Item column's shadow, then clicking/holding when the doublesided cursor appears. You can then drag the column to your desired width, as shown below:


If the Project Owner has enabled the Additional Responses feature, you will be able to add Additional Responses by first marking the original line item as Bid, then clicking the + sign beside the Bid/No Bid selection buttons. An additional line will appear, and you can complete it in the same way as the other line items. 


Once you have completed filling out all required data for the requested BidTable, click Confirm BidTable to mark it as complete as part of your Submission.


Once the BidTable has been confirmed, Bonfire will validate your responses, then mark the BidTable as Complete. A valid BidTable will look as follows - please note the green checkmarks on the left, along with the Edit BidTable button at the top right.


 At this point, you can go ahead and Submit and Finalize your Submission!

If you need to make adjustments or edits to this BidTable prior to the Project's close, simply click the Edit BidTable button. This will return the BidTable to an editable state, and you can make your changes. Be sure to Submit and Finalize prior to the Project's close, however!

If your BidTable is not validated, and you are unable to complete the BidTable, read any error messages carefully to determine next steps.


In the above example, we note in the error message that two fields are incomplete. Below, we have additional identifying information specifically noting which line item has the issue, and which fields need to be corrected. Once the necessary corrections have been made, you will be able to correctly confirm the BidTable.

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