How can I submit a proposal if I'm a Project Owner or Buyer?

Typically, Project Owners and other Procurement Professionals cannot submit proposals to projects within their own Organization as external Vendor users. If they attempt to do so while logged into their User account, this message will appear:


To continue, click Create Vendor Organization. You will then see a window pop up, as shown below:


Input your organization's name into the text field, then click Continue.

NOTE: Please only complete this step if you are absolutely sure you wish to add Vendor permissions to your existing Bonfire User account, as this change cannot be undone, removed or rescinded.

Once you have clicked Continue, you will then be brought to the Vendor registration page. Some of your information may already be complete and part of your profile, but you will need to add any additional required registration information.


Once finished, click Continue to registration complete. You will then see a confirmation of completed registration.

Click Continue to Bonfire, and you will be returned to your originating Opportunity page. At this point, navigating to the Submission accordion results in the following view:


From here, you can click Prepare Your Submission to begin your Submission!

If you have questions regarding how to complete the Registration page, or how to complete a submission, please check out the follow articles:

Vendor Registration
Creating and Uploading a Submission (for Vendors)

NOTE: If you are a Project Owner that needs to create an internal submission on behalf of an external Vendor, please see our How do I internally upload vendor submissions into Bonfire? page.


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