How can I send "regret" letters to vendors that were neither awarded or eliminated?

After a bid closes, you may want to send out a decision notice to all unsuccessful suppliers. You can do this via Bonfire using the Vendor Discussions feature which allows you to send messages directly to vendors associated with your project.

If you have your own letter template or the letter exists in a separate file, you could attach the file to the Vendor Discussions message itself. If your organization currently uses our Bonfire Solicitation Builder (File Library and Document Drafting) module, this letter template can be stored within your File Library, allowing project owners to keep everything in the Bonfire portal without the hassle of trying to locate saved files on computers or within email folders. To learn more about how to upload documents to the File Library, please see the following article on Bonfire Solicitation Builder (File Library and Drafting).

NOTE:  Project Owners are able to send messages one-way to Vendors after the Discussions Due Date has passed.

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