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Criteria Analysis

Criteria Analysis is a key function of the Proposal Analysis tool, and allows you to access a high-level overview of your Vendors and their current scores. To access Criteria Analysis, first navigate to your Evaluation-stage Project. Once at your project, scroll to Scoring Summary, then click on any cell in the Summary table, as shown below:


Once you have clicked on an Active cell (you will see a green outline around the cell), you will be brought to the main Proposal Analysis screen.



Once you have scrolled down, you will see the Scoring Summary: an overview of the selected Vendor's scores, along with a list of Reviewers. When Consensus Scoring is being used, you can overview the scores and make changes from this section as required. 

You will also see a tab for Criteria Analysis for the selected Vendor. Click on the tab to view.


Criteria Analysis will show an overview of the Criteria for this project, along with Reviewer/Evaluator scores, comments and other data. In this example, Vendors are being displayed by Ranking


You have the ability to create a report of any/all changes to scoring made to this project. This may be helpful when conducting audits or vendor debriefs. Click Download All Score Updates to generate the scoring report.


The report will provide information regarding any changes made to scores, comments, reasons and more. Each questionnaire's scoring is also tracked, and each questionnaire will have its own separate worksheet.



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