Rank Analysis

What is Rank Analysis?

Rank Analysis is a new feature in Bonfire that allows you to toggle how you view and display Vendor results as part of your evaluation. Instead of viewing Vendors by Score only, you can now choose to view Vendors by Rank.

How to Enable Rank Analysis

To use Rank Analysis on your Portal, this feature must first be enabled by your Client Success Manager or by Bonfire Support.

Once Rank Analysis has been activated for your portal, you can enable this feature on a project-by-project basis.

First, navigate to your Project, then click Actions -> Edit Project.


You will then see your Project's key details and configurations. To learn more about these options, please review Creating a Project in Bonfire.

To enable Rank Analysis, open Configurations then click the checkbox beside Rank Analysis, then click Save.


To disable Rank Analysis, simply uncheck the above box.

Using Rank Analysis in your Project

Once Rank Analysis has been enabled for your Project, you can use this feature as a part of your Evaluation process. To start, scroll down to the Reviewer Scores or Scoring Summary sections. You can now use the Rank tab to sort Submissions according to Rank, instead of a specific score. 


Rank Analysis is also enabled in your Proposal Analysis. To begin, navigate to the Scoring Summary section, then click on any Rank or Score.

You can then view each Vendor by rank throughout the Proposal Analysis.



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