How do I change my email address (for Internal Users)?

If you are an organization member of your Bonfire portal (project owner, evaluator, advisor, observer, etc.) you can change your email via your Settings.

Follow the steps below to change your email address for your Bonfire login credentials. 

1. Log in and access your Settings via the chevron next to your name (top-right corner on Bonfire). Then click on Settings


The screenshot above references an evaluator's/reviewer's account.

2. From the Settings page, click on Email and Password. You will notice that your current email is greyed out.


3. Input your new email under New Email followed by your Password. Once both fields are populated, check I'm not a robot followed by Change.


4. Upon clicking Change, you will receive the following message, "You'll receive an email with further instructions"


5. A confirmation email will be sent to your new email. The email will come from with the subject line: Bonfire Email Change. This will prompt you to confirm the email change. From the email, click on Update Email


6. Once you click Update Email, you will be redirected to the following message, "Email changed successfully!".


You will receive an email confirmation of the change as well. It will be sent to your new email and your old email will be cc'd. 


You can now access Bonfire using your new email as your login credential. 

NOTE: Changes to email addresses must be done individually by the account holder. Organization Administrators do not have access to make these changes through the Manage -> Users section of their portal.

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