How to use Bonfire as your digital mailbox


Did you know that you don’t need to wait until you launch a new project to get started with Bonfire? If you already have a bid or RFP that’s “on the streets” (i.e., currently-active), but you don’t have anyone in the office to receive vendor submissions, you can use Bonfire as your digital mailbox. Here’s how!

Bonfire offers free and straightforward online bid submission, which means your vendors don’t need to worry about prolonged shipping times and your procurement team doesn’t need to be in the office to receive submissions. Simply create and post your currently-active project in Bonfire, which will act as a digital twin to the project that you’ve already posted. 


Create as many document slots as you need for vendors to upload all their proposal documents, pricing, references, and more.


Want to keep it simple for your first Bonfire solicitation? Include only one document slot allowing multiple file uploads and call it “Proposal” or “Bid”. 


Once your project is set up, you can point vendors to the custom project URL so that they can follow the guided submission workflow to send you their proposal package. If you have already posted the opportunity online, you can simply amend the submission instructions with your custom project URL. 


If your vendors have already emailed their proposal package, you can download their documents and submit them on their behalf through Internal Submissions


If you need to distribute updates, publish addendums, and answer vendor questions before the submission deadline, you can do all of that online with Bonfire. 

Whether your evaluators are spread out across different locations, or you simply want to eliminate the logistical challenge of distributing proposal packages to multiple stakeholders, Bonfire allows you to centralize all proposal documents online so that evaluators can add scores from anywhere. Bonfire automatically tabulates and sorts vendor offers, aided by data visualizations, to help you quickly identify the lowest bidder. 



To get a deeper understanding of how to use Bonfire as an electronic mailbox for your currently-active bids and RFPs, please visit our Emergency Response Training Program page to register for our live training sessions or watch previously recorded webinars.

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