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Welcome to Intake!

The Intake module is a powerful set of features that will help enable procurement professionals meet the needs of their stakeholders faster - and with less paperwork - than ever!

Now, stakeholders and Requesters can simply fill out an easy form in order to start the Purchasing process, instead of relying on one-off emails, post-it notes or other easy-to-lose methods of communication. A simple portal for Requesters allows them to keep track of the progress of their request without having to reach out to the procurement team, all the while procurement teams can organize, assign and create Project Drafts right from Intake.



Intake Overview

The Requests Dashboard displays immediately when loading the Intake tab, and shows at a glance key performance indicators (KPIs) based on your currently active Requests.


The Request Inbox displays a table of all active Requests that have been submitted to the Intake module. You can also quickly search through active Requests by using the Search bar.


Archived Requests are easily visible by clicking Archived Requests on the left navigation bar. You can search, filter and download your Archived Requests just like you can with your regular Request Inbox.



Manage allows you to change Intake Request settings. You can choose to require direct invitations for new requestors or allow users with specified domains to self-register, create Custom Intake fields for requests and notes, and enable Requester editing privileges. For more information on creating Custom Intake Fields, check out our Custom Intake Fields article!



Benchmarking is also available via the Benchmarking Button located at the bottom right of this page. 



User Roles

There are four Intake-specific roles available:

  • Intake Requests - Organization Manager: A user with this role has full access to Intake, including edit functionality 
  • Intake Requests - Organization Observer: A user with this role has full read access to Intake, with no edit functionality
  • Intake Requests - Requester: A user with this role has the ability to create new requests and view only their requests, with no edit functionality
  • Intake Requests - Agent: A user with this role has the ability to view and manage requests that have been assigned to them. They cannot view or access any other requests at the organization or department level.

Before Buyers or Requesters are able to access Intake, they must be assigned at least one of the above roles. For more information on user roles and how to edit them, please see this article: User Roles in Bonfire

Any existing Organization Members will have the ability to create new requests and view only their requests (the same permissions as the Intake Requests - Requester role)

Organization Administrators will automatically be granted full access to Intake, including edit functionality

Organization Observers will automatically be granted full read access to Intake, with no edit functionality.



New user notifications have been added for Intake.

Intake Requests - Organization Manager

  • New Request

    A notification is sent to all Intake Requests - Organization Managers when a new request has been submitted.

Intake Requests - Requestor

  • Request Assigned

    A notification is sent to the Requestor as well as the Assigned User when a Requestor's request has been assigned. The notification includes who has been assigned to the request.

    • If the request had been previously assigned to another User, the previous User will be notified that they have been unassigned.


Getting Started

When logging into your Bonfire portal, you'll see a number of tabs along the top navigation bar. For intake, you'll either see Intake or Requests, depending on your role. If you do not see the Intake or Requests tabs, please contact your Organizational Administrator in order to grant you the required roles.


Click on Intake to load the Request Inbox. You'll immediately see any requests that have been submitted.


Scroll right to view additional columns.


On the Request Details page, you can:

1. Edit Details of the existing Request, as well as take some actions to correctly process the request.
2. Assign the Request to a specific individual.
3. Change the Status of the Request, as well as Archive the request, Create a Project Draft based on the request, or Delete the Request.

Intake details.png


You can also preview any Request Attachments that have been included with the project by clicking on the View Document button. This will open the file in Bonfire's built-in Document Viewer, or allow you to download a copy of the file (if the file type is not pre-viewable).

Requests can be marked with the following statuses:

  • New Request (Initial State)
  • In Progress
  • Completed
  • Cancelled
  • Draft Ready

Return to the Requests Dashboard by clicking < Back to Intake in the top-left corner.


Allowing Request Edits

By default, Requestors are unable to make any edits or changes to their initial request. However, as an Intake Manager, you can allow request edits on a portal-wide basis.

NOTE: If you do not see Requester Edit Access and you would like to allow edits, please contact your Client Success Manager or Bonfire Support.

To start, navigate to Intake, then Manage, then Requestor Edit Access.



Enabling this setting will allow Requestors to edit their own requests once they have been created.


Intake Managers can disable Requester Edit Access at any time.


Request Notes

You can also add Notes to the request, which can then be shared with other internal users. Click on Request Notes on the left to view any existing Request Notes. To add or edit Notes, click on Edit Notes in the top right.


You can select a Project Type for the request from the dropdown menu, as well as freeform text notes. If you create any Custom Intake Notes Fields, this is where they will appear. Save your Notes by clicking Save Changes at the bottom right.




Approvals can be set up on Intake Requests, so that changes can be sent and reviewed by the corresponding Approvers in an easy and seamless process. Click Approvals on the left to view any approvals tied to the intake request.

For more information on this module, please view our full in-depth Approvals page.


Creating Project Drafts from Requests

You can quickly view Project Ready intake requests by navigating to your Projects Dashboard page and clicking on the Requests Ready to Draft section. You can view and edit Intake Requests right from the Requests Ready to Draft section, as well as edit the Intake Request by clicking the arrow next to the Request name.


Once you've clicked on the arrow next to the Request name, you'll see the Edit Request screen. Click Actions, then Create Project Draft.

Create project draft.png

This will launch the Create Project Draft page, where you can select what project type you wish to use for the Intake Request.


Once you've selected your Project Type, click Next Step. From here you can then enter the basic information for your Project Draft, and include all the information already entered for you. You can also edit, rename and reassign the Intake Request at this point. All information is also editable once the Project Draft has been created. 

You can learn more about Project Drafts on our Project Drafts page.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the intake fields or request statuses be customized?
Yes! You can request Custom Intake Fields to be added to your Intake module. Read more here: Custom Intake Fields, or reach out to your Client Success Manager for more information.

Can the status colours be changed?
The status colours defined by Bonfire are to ensure accessibility standards are met and the variety in colours is to provide users with a clear indication of each status change.

What is the default status when a request is submitted?
All newly submitted requests will have the status “New Request” by default.

Are the statuses automatically updated?
Statuses are not updated automatically and must be updated by a user with edit permissions for that request. If you are unable to make edits please ensure that you are granted the Intake Requests - Organization Manager role or have been granted Edit access by the Intake Manager. 

Can internal messages be sent within the Intake module? 
There is no messaging functionality within the Intake module at this time. If this feature would be beneficial to you, please don't hesitate to let us know at!

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