Creating Intake Requests with Bonfire

Welcome to Intake

Bonfire is excited to release Intake, a powerful set of features that will help enable Procurement Professionals meet the needs of their stakeholders faster - and with less paperwork - than ever!

Now, stakeholders and Requesters can simply fill out an easy form in order to start the Purchasing process, instead of relying on one-off emails, post-it notes or other easy-to-lose methods of communication. A simple portal for Requesters allows them to keep track of the progress of their request without having to reach out to the Procurement team, while Procurement teams can organize, assign and create Project Drafts right from Intake. 

Getting Started

Getting started with Intake is straightforward and easy!

First, navigate to your Bonfire portal, and log in. You'll see your Project Dashboard, along with the Requests tab. Click on Requests to get started!

NOTE: If you do not see the Requests tab, please contact your organizational administrator in order to grant you the necessary User Roles.


You'll then access the "My Requests" dashboard. On this page, you'll be able to see any of your existing requests, as well as start a new request by clicking on the "+ Submit a New Request" button.


The Requests Dashboard allows you to quickly and easily see the current status of your request, without having to contact your Procurement team. You also have the ability to easily search through your requests, or download a report of your requests' current status.


Requestor Self-Service

In some cases, your Organization may have set up Intake | Requestor Self-Serve, meaning you can sign up as a requester without a direct invite! If available for your Organization, you'll see a link on your Portal, as shown below:


You'll be prompted to enter your email address. When ready, click Create Account. 

mceclip3.pngYou'll then receive an email with further instructions, along with a link back to Intake!

Submitting a Request

To begin creating your Request, click on +Submit a New Request on the Requests Dashboard. You'll then see a quick and easy form that you can fill out with as much or as little information as you need, provided you complete the required information marked with the red asterisk



You can also include attachments with your Request! Just drag and drop your file(s) into the Attachments box at the bottom of the Intake Request Form, and they'll be included with your request. You can upload multiple files of any type up to 1GB in size each. If you upload a file in error, click the Trash icon, then Yes, Delete to remove the file from the Request.


When finished, click on Submit Request to complete your request! 

Return to the Requests Dashboard by clicking < Back to Intake on the left navigation pane.


Editing Your Request

By default, requests cannot be edited. If you need to edit your Request and do not see the options listed below, please contact your Intake Manager or Organizational Administrator in order to enable this function.

If Request Editing has been enabled, you can  make changes to your request by navigating back to Requests, then selecting the Request you wish to edit.


Once you've opened your Request, click Edit Details to make changes to your request.


The request will then be editable. When ready, click Save Changes to complete your edits.


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