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Bonfire is excited to release a new project type designed to help you centralize your spend, increase internal compliance and run projects even more efficiently than ever before!

Price-Only Bidding is designed for junior or decentralized users who run Price-Only Bidding projects or other competitions that do not require scoring or a qualitative evaluation. With some of Bonfire's most critical features built-in, Price-Only Bidding will get your junior users up and running quickly while the rest of their colleagues can continue to use Bonfire's full functionality.

What Is Price-Only Bidding?

Price-Only Bidding is a specific project type that restricts a user to what functionality they will have access to in Bonfire. The primary difference is that Price-Only Bidding users can create Price-Only Bids. These projects are set up to meet the needs of the most common Price-Only projects, and feature the following:

  • No complicated features like Questionnaires, BidTables or Multiple Categories
  • One Evaluation Group
  • One Reviewer
  • Pass/Fail criteria scoring

No confusing mapping or complicated Criteria are required, getting your Projects launched easily and quickly.

How Do I Get Started?

Before creating your first Project, you will first need to be invited to your organization by your organizational or systems administrator. At minimum, you will need to be assigned the Projects - Department Simple Bid Manager before beginning. If you do not know who your organizational or system administrator is, please reach out to Bonfire Support for assistance.

Once you've been invited, you'll receive an email with more information! Click on Accept the invitation to begin.


Once you've accepted the invite, you'll automatically be brought to your Account Confirmation screen. Accept the Terms and Conditions to continue, then click on Continue to Bonfire.

You'll automatically be directed to your Project Dashboard, where you have a clear overview of all projects to which you have access.

Building A Price-Only Project

To get started, navigate to your Project Dashboard, and click Add Project.



Once you've clicked Add Project and Price Only Project, you'll see the Create A New Project Project Creation Wizard, as shown below. 

In this window, you're essentially filling out 1) general details (project name, reference #, etc.), the 2) submission type and 3) configuring certain properties for your project. Here you can also configure 4) the project visibility and decide if the documents attached to the project should be hidden once the opportunity has closed. You'll also be able to 5) note project owner, department assignments and contact information as well as set 6) project dates:


Click Create to create your Project.

NOTE: Strategic Sourcing Project features, such as Multi-Category Decisions, Rank Analysis or Best Value Projects are not available on Simple Bids. If you need these features, please create a Strategic Sourcing Project.

Once your Project has been created, you will be brought to the project page, as shown below:




The Details page is the default project page where you can view important project information, such as who the Project Owner is, what features are active on the project, and upcoming important project dates.




Under Files, you can upload documentation for the Project, as well as documentation for internal stakeholders. You can add almost any file type to a maximum size of 1000MB each. You can learn more about uploading files here: Public Files




You can use Messages to centralize communication between internal stakeholders or vendors, or issue Public Notices. You can read more about Messaging here:




The Approvals section is where you can view, create, and edit any Approval requests tied to the project. For more information, feel free to check our full Approvals guide.



Evaluation Groups

As part of Simple Bids, Evaluation Groups are automatically set up for you - no further actions are required! With Simple Bids, you can have a single Evaluation Group at a time.


NOTE: If you need more Evaluation Groups, please create a Strategic Sourcing Project instead of a Simple Bid.



Under People, you can view internal users who are currently associated with this project. For Simple Bids, no additional setup is needed - you're automatically included as a Reviewer! You can add additional Advisors or Observers by clicking Manage. Learn more about what Reviewers, Advisors, and Observers can do by clicking on Role Overview, or visiting the links below:



Additionally, if Declarations, such as Project NDAs or COIs, are active on your portal, you can view your current Declarations here. If Declarations is not active on your Bonfire Portal, you will not see this tab.



Requested Information

You can add additional elements of Requested Information under the Requested Information tab. Click Manage to add more requested Documents or Data, or Edit to make changes to your Pricing Sheet. You can learn more about creating or editing Pricing Sheets, here: Pricing Sheets in Bonfire





NOTE: Simple Bids only permits one BidTable, which is automatically set up for you as a Pricing Sheet.



With Criteria, you can add additional Pass/Fail conditions for your project, as well as group your Criteria if needed. Learn more about adding Criteria here: Criteria Types



Note: With Simple Bids, you can only add Pass/Fail Criteria. 


Vendor Invites

Under Vendor Invites, you can choose to directly invite vendors (Invites) to your project.  Learn more about inviting Vendors here: Vendor Invites and Invite-Only Projects



Also in this section, you can view, add or replace Commodity Codes associated with your Project. Adding Commodity Codes can assist vendors in discovering your Project, and in most cases, we recommend adding Commodity Codes. You can learn more about Commodity Codes, here: Commodity Codes for Buyers



Under Submissions, you can view which vendors have downloaded documents (Document Takers) or view your Submissions. 


Further Reading and FAQs 

Once your Project is ready for Evaluation, please be sure to check out our guide: Evaluating a Project in Bonfire

Can I add additional Reviewers or Evaluation Groups?

  • Simple Bids are designed to be quick and easy, and as such, will only permit the Project Owner to act as a Reviewer. No other Reviewers or Evaluation Groups can be added or created.

Converting a Price Only Project

Sometimes you might go through the process of configuring your Price Only project, only to realize that this project requires some of the features that are only available in Strategic Sourcing projects. Don't worry, Price Only projects can be converted to Strategic Sourcing projects! From the Actions drop down on the Details page, select Convert to Strategic Sourcing. This will convert the project and enable all of the features associated with a Strategic Sourcing project.


NOTE: While Price Only projects can be converted to Strategic Sourcing projects, the reverse is not possible; Strategic Sourcing projects cannot be converted to Price Only projects.

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